Lazy Projector began as a solo project for singer/songwriter Aaron Shinn. Growing up in the Midwest, Shinn was drawn to the simplicity of folk music and its organic themes and textures. 


During his time at Kansas State University, Shinn began writing songs on his eight-track; experimenting with a variety of genres and instrumentations. The result was a catalog of poetic folk tunes with an emphasis on dissonance and surrealism. 

Shinn relocated to Kansas City in 2015 and immediately became inspired by the local music and art scene. The change in scenery marked a clear change to his music, as he began writing songs that were more focused and refined. Inspired by groups like Spoon, Broken Bells, Wilco, and The Kinks; Shinn set out to write lush, avant garde music with pop sensibilities.  

Shinn began recording at Element Recording Studios, in Kansas City, MO in early 2017. The result is evoco, an expansive album that touches on folk, pop-rock, lo-fi, and electronic.